The Sun : Emmerdale disgust as Jamie Tate sleeps with Belle Dingle and wife Andrea one after the other

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EMMERDALE fans are disgusted at dirty double dipper Jamie Tate after he romped with Belle Dingle in a car before going home and having sex with wife Andrea.

The vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – couldn't resist resuming his affair with Belle and then heading home to wife Andrea in tonight's episode.

Jamie romped with Belle in his car

He and Belle were thrown together on a call out when she raged at him for not telling her he was back with wife Andrea.

She told him: "You're not as sorry as I am for believing your lies. How many times have you told me you and Andrea aren't going to work out, you'll never forgive her, that you're not even angry anymore just disinterested, you feel sorry for her and it's not her you want, it's me.

"The worst part is, I fell for it."

Jamie replied: "I do want you Belle but me and Andrea, it's not working out, it was a mistake even trying. It's all such a mess and I know it's all my fault. You've got every right to hate me."

He then went home to romp with Andrea

But instead of hating him, Belle pulled him into a kiss before he quickly returned the favour.

The pair then got into Jamie's car and began romping in public.

They drove back to the village where they had an awkward conversation about Belle leaving work early and Jamie headed home straight into the embrace of Andrea.

She had been waiting at home in some new knickers for Jamie to come home and seduce but he wasn't exactly in the mood after being with Belle, so it was up to Andrea to convince him – and she did.

They then began romping in the kitchen but viewers were outraged at dirty double dipper Jamie's actions.

One wrote: "Jamie got it on with Belle & now with Andrea Face vomiting the dude is gross #Emmerdale"

A second said: "Jamie seriously isn't going to sleep with Belle and Andrea within the space of a few hours! #Emmerdale talk about being a f*** boy! Playing them both!"

Another added: "Jamie had sex with two women within the space of twenty minutes #emmerdale"

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