The Sun : The Beastie Boys Story is a clever peek into the craziness of their world

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AT one point in this documentary, a Sun front page gets projected on to a screen, showing our attempt to ban the Beastie Boys from the UK.

The hip-hop act were seen back in 1987 as dangerous and extreme.

The documentary is all delivered with self-deprecating humour and is a entertaining peek into the craziness of the Beastie Boys' world

But we would give our right arm for something so revolutionary hitting the mainstream nowadays.

This is not your usual archive trip down memory lane.

It is classed as a live documentary.

Directed by their long-time collaborator Spike Jonze and filmed in front of a few hundred people at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre, Michael Diamond and Adam Horowitz (the group's Mike D and Ad-Rock) walk out and begin by paying a lovely tribute to bandmate Adam Yauch (MCA) who died of cancer in 2012.

What follows is a tightly rehearsed look at their career, from the early days of skipping school to hanging out with young Rick Rubin, their discovery of rap and the subsequent stardom, bankruptcy and the critical acclaim that finally arrived some years later.

It is all delivered with self-deprecating humour and gives an entertaining peek behind the craziness of their world.

Watching as a 46-year-old, I'm struck by how young they looked when they first arrived.

I remember watching them thinking these men were so cool.

It's an evocative mix of nostalgia and a reminder of their awesome music.

Put on a Kangol then crank up the ghetto blaster, fellow homeboys.

Beastie Boys Story (15) 119mins

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