The Sun : Aldi launches giant pigs in blankets and sausage whirls for the BBQ

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IF you're hoping to pig out at a BBQ this bank holiday weekend, Aldi has got you covered with its new giant pigs in blankets kebabs and sausage whirls. 

The pigs in blankets kebabs feature British sausages wrapped in Beechwood smoked cured streaky bacon.

These Aldi pigs in blankets sausages cost £1.99

Each porker then has a wooden stick pierced through it to make it easier for you to snack away while chilling in the garden.

Meanwhile, the whirls are essentially sausages that have been shaped into a swirl, with a stick stabbed through each banger.

Aldi is selling the pigs in blanket kebabs for £1.99 for four kebab sticks, while the sausage whirls cost £1.99 for six swirls of meat.

Both porky products are available in Aldi stores now, so you can pick them up as part of your next essential shop.

The sausage whirls are selling for £1.99

Aldi doesn't offer an online shopping service.

We couldn't find giant pigs in blankets being sold by any other major supermarket, although you could have a go at making your own.

For example, you can buy a pack of eight sausages from Asda for £1.10 and bacon for £1.39.

This works out at £2.49, which is 50p more expensive than Aldi – but you do get double the sausages for your money.

This price also doesn't include the sticks.

The Sun also couldn't see sausage whirls being sold by any other major supermarket.

But again, you could get more sausage for your money by buying a pack of pain bangers, a pack of sticks and folding them into a whirl shape.

If you'd rather stick to Aldi, you can use the online store finder tool to track down your nearest branch.

Aldi has 875 stores across the UK.

The Sun has asked Aldi for the relevant calorie information and also for how long items will be on sale for.

Meanwhile, Morrisons is selling 1.5kg of sausages and burgers for £8.

The Sun has rounded up where to buy the cheapest BBQ and charcoal for delivery this week.

If pizza is more your thing, here's where to buy pizza ovens.

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