The Sun : The best birthday presents to buy during lockdown – from Disney+ subscription to Friends Monopoly

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MANY people have been forced to go without seeing their family and friends throughout lockdown, with many even missing birthday celebrations and other occasions as a result. 

But despite shops being closed and celebrations being kept to a minimum, there are still ways to treat a loved one on their special day.

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Having a birthday in lockdown doesn't have to be all doom and gloom[/caption]

Luckily for us, delivery services have been working in overdrive providing us all with a glimmer of hope each and every time our door bell rings.

With shops closed and, frankly, nothing else to do, Brits have no doubt spent majority of their time in lockdown browsing the net for things to buy.

With that in mind, it IS still possible to send thoughtful gifts to loved ones also, and, despite what you might think, great gift ideas are plentiful.

We've rounded up a few online buys that'll make for the perfect isolation birthday gift. And hey, even if it's not someone's birthday, there's no harm in showing them some love, right?

For children and big kids alike, this subscription has something for everyone

1. Disney+ subscription

Let's face it, as much as we tell ourselves we're going to be productive, we end up binge watching SOMETHING.

So what better way to catch up on all the Disney favourites then treating your special person to a subscription, paid for by you, for them to enjoy.

Disney+ costs £5.99 per month – which includes a 7 -day free trial – or you can splurge and pay £59.99 for the year.

2.Online training course

So it might not be the most typical birthday gift, but for those with time to kill in lockdown, it might not be such a bad idea.

Online platforms such as Skillshare and Coursera of a great selections of courses and tutorials, and they're great for someone wanting to learn a new hobby or skill.

Even LinkedIn learning and offer great course for those wanting to boost their career

3. Running shoes

Unless you know their shoe size and general sense of style, this could be a little tricky.

But there's no better time to treat someone to a new pair of runners since exercising is all we can actually do at the moment.

After all, what else would they be wearing on their daily runs? See, great idea we thought.

4. Monopoly, but better

Finally we've found a way to merge two of the greatest pastimes – playing board games and watching Friends[/caption]

From the moment we found out about lockdown, Brits rushed to snap up, quite possibly, the world's best board game.

But if  anything can make the classic game any better, it's a Friends version – dedicated entirely to the best show ever and perfect for the one with the biggest obsession with Friends – see what we did there?

What better way to create some birthday fun then with a classic game.

Places like Argos and Amazon are your best bet.

5. Flower delivery

There's nothing like beautiful blooms to brighten someone's day.

And while you can't pop by a florist yourself to hand pick a bunch, online flower services are still available.

Try somewhere like Bloom & Wild to find the perfect bunch.

6. Pyjamas

Let's face it, we may not ever get the chance again to wear PJ's all day long and not feel guilty about it.

So treat your loved one to a cute new pair.

Amazon is you're best best for all things new, but online clothing brand's often some cute ones too.

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Lockdown or no lockdown, you can't beat a cosy pair of pyjamas to curl up in[/caption]

7. Wine box delivery

Really, you can't go wrong, and there are still many available you can choose from.

Choose a selection of red, white and rose, or stick to one you know the birthday girl or boy would like.

Just because the pubs and bars are shut, doesn't mean we can't enjoy a drink or two.

8. E-books

For the book lover, a new read during these slow times will be much appreciated – and highly welcome.

Kindle Unlimited is the perfect birthday treat as you can either send them one in the post, or buy them a Kindle subscription app which can be used on any iOS device, Android, Mac, or PC. It'll give them access to unlimited books, magazine and music.

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