The Sun : Brits strip off to bake, sunbathe and even work from home during lockdown

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WHILE most of us live in pyjamas nowadays, it seems some people are going one step further and ditching their clothes altogether. 

With Brits stuck indoors due to the lockdown more people are stripping off at home to bake, exercise, sunbathe – and even work. 

@British Naturism
It seems while some have ditched outdoor gear for pjs, some people have got rid of clothes altogether[/caption]

British Naturism has reported a whopping 100% rise in new members since the lockdown began, as people made the most of being indoors and embraced being nude.

A spokesperson for British Naturism added it's also a great way to save on the amount of laundry you're doing.

They said: "People have always enjoyed the thrill of a skinny dip or the relaxation of a spa but social isolation has caused an explosion in naked living. 

"For many, working from home means working naked, and nude sunbathing seems to be the new national pastime.

"Human beings weren't designed to be wrapped up in clothes 24/7 and yet that's often how we are even when it's more sensible not to be.

"It's easier not to dress, it saves on the laundry – and it's really good for you and a lot of fun!" 

British Naturism Ambassador, Pam Fraser, has been sharing snaps of herself in the buff on Instagram, also raving about how little laundry she has. 

Pam Fraser added the benefits of naturism is you don't have a lot of laundry to do[/caption]

She wrote: "Can I stay in lockdown forever? I'm loving not having to get dressed every morning.

"Plus I have like zero washing to do."

British Naturism is promoting The Great British Take Off on Saturday 16th May, which is designed to encourage more people to strip off. 

@British Naturism
British Naturism reported a whopping 100% rise in new members since lockdown began[/caption]

The spokesperson added: "Naturists know that it's only social convention that makes wearing clothes seem essential but people who try it for the first time realise that it feels great. 

"This could be the perfect opportunity for those that like the idea, or those who live with a Naturist partner but have been hesitant, to have a go. You'll wish you had done it years ago!"

For anyone wanting to make the most of the good weather on Saturday, the organisation added it was legal to sunbathe nude in the garden – although you might want to warn your neighbours first.

Meanwhile bored Brits are stripping off and doing naked yoga, nude baking and boozing in a virtual 'naked pub' during lockdown.

And the Quarantine Pillow Challenge sees fashionistas go naked except for bedding in latest bizarre at-home Instagram trend.

While this poor bloke 'accidentally' flashes his girlfriend's mum during TikTok challenge.

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