The Sun : Customer ‘rambling about martial law repeatedly punched female store clerk in face for telling him to wear mask’

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A 24-YEAR-OLD who was rambling about "martial law" repeatedly punched a female store clerk in the face for telling him to wear a coronavirus face mask.

Elijah Scott Brown, from Perkasie, Pennsylvania, has been charged with a string of crimes including aggravated assault following the incident on Friday afternoon.

Perkasie Borough Police Department
Elijah Scott Brown, 24[/caption]

"The victim explained that the offender entered the store, incoherently rambling on about martial law and not making much sense. He began cursing inside the store as well," Office Scott Fields wrote in the criminal complaint, according to Montgomery News.

"She asked him to leave the store unless he had a mask on. The offender refused to leave when asked by the victim and proceeded to assault her by repeatedly punching her face.

"He then proceeded to knock merchandise off of the counter and a cart full of items onto the floor while exiting the store."

Police said that the female worker was left with a swollen left cheek and blood under her lip from the assault.

When officers found and identified Brown, they said he tried to elude police by running before being detained and then, while later being searched, used his knee to strike a cop's thigh.

The local outlet said that Brown was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, defiant trespass, resisting arrest, harassment and criminal mischief.

He was then taken to Bucks County Correctional Facility and has a preliminary hearing schedule for June 9.

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