The Sun : EastEnders’ Callum hit with more heartbreak as Ben’s return to criminal underworld puts his police training at risk

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EASTENDERS' Callum Highway is being hit with more heartbreak as Ben Mitchell makes his return to the criminal underworld.

Callum's (Tony Clay) police training will be put at risk when his boyfriend Ben (Max Bowden) falls back into dodgy family business on the BBC One soap.

Callum Highway will risk his police training for Ben Mitchell[/caption]

Villain Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) showed up in Walford last month with a proposition for Ben, who didn't quite understand his shady dealings because he was struggling with his hearing.

Danny soon turned to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) instead, offering him a job after hearing him talking to Mick and Linda Carter (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) about buying the Queen Vic.

In a bid to help his dad and his dad's wife Sharon (Letitia Dean), Ben tried to get intel from trainee copper Callum. 

Ben – who lost his hearing in a boating accident – fell ill before his operation and Callum was left wondering how to help his boyfriend.

Ben returned to shady dealings for his dad Phil

And Callum will turn to Frankie to help Ben[/caption]

He decides to turn to newcomer Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis), who is also deaf.

After catching Frankie shoplifting, he chooses not to arrest her and instead, reluctantly enlists her help to get through to Ben.

Of course, Callum ignoring Frankie's theft could hugely threaten his police training – a price he seems willing to take to support his boyfriend.

He will turn a blind eye to newcomer Frankie's shoplifting[/caption]

Fans recently expressed their disappointment in bad boy Ben – but also admitted that they felt sorry for Ben's "desperate" attempts to make Phil love him.

One wrote: "Ben is gonna hurt Callum cause he is desperate for Phil to love him."

Another added: "Oh, Ben! That desperate need to please Phil is still at the forefront and it breaks my heart.

"He would do anything to impress and gain his approval!"

A third said: "I hope Ben realises that Phil isn't worth losing Callum and his relationship because that's what's gonna happen."

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