The Sun : LAPD releases bodycam vid of homeless man being hit with arms behind back

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LAPD have released "disturbing" video footage of a bizarre attack on a trespassing suspect.

Shocking footage was circulated last week, showing LAPD officer Gabriel Hernandez raining punches onto Richard Castillo's head – the department have since released bodycam footage of the incident, with District Attorney Jackie Lacey describing it as "disturbing".

The officer repeatedly punches the man[/caption]

An investigation has been launched[/caption]

LAPD Chief Michael Moore called the footage 'disturbing'[/caption]

In the clip, captured on April 27, Mr Castillo and Officer Hernandez can be seen exchanging words after police ask him to move on.

It's reported Mr Castillo is homeless, and had set up a tent at a church.

Mr Castillo and the officer appear to argue, although it is clear Mr Castillo vacates the private property of Church of God of the Prophecy in East Los Angeles as he is asked to do so.

However, the situation seems to escalate once outside on the street and Castillo approaches the two officers.


Hernandez then instructs him to put his hands behind his back, as his partner warns Castillo she will tase him if he does not cooperate.

As Hernandez puts his hands on Mr Castillo the situation escalates.

The officer can be heard shouting: "You f****** grabbed my hand m***********, that's why I hit you," as he unleashes punch after punch to the top of Mr Castillo's head.

The man appears to bring his arms up from behind his back to shield his face, and doesn't appear to be fighting back.

The officer's partner then calls for back up and two more officers arrive to break up the altercation.

According to reports, both Hernandez and Castillo sustained injuries.

Officer Hernandez has been placed on home duty pending further investigation by an internal police body into the matter.

"Anytime you see someone with their hands behind their back and getting hit in the head like that multiple times, that is disturbing.


"As a human being, I look at that and say, 'How did this happen? What led up to this?' Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said Monday.

He continued: "But as the lead prosecutor in the DA's office, I know that I need to exercise judgment in what I say publicly, because I don't want this office disqualified or recused for prejudging the evidence. So I'm waiting to see all of what's out there."

And LAPD chief Michael Moore said: "I intend to… hold individuals accountable for behavior that is inconsistent with the high standards of this organization."

The police chief also dubbed the footage "disturbing," according to the Daily Mal.

Referencing last week's video, Chief Moore continued: "I, along with many of you, watched the third-party video that was released last week, and I have serious concerns.

"I don't believe that anything that is shown in this critical incident video will change that description by me or any others."

A representative for Officer Hernandez said: "The use of force is justified because the officer believed he was under attack from the suspect… even though you might think the suspect wasn't fighting back at that time, he wasn't complying either."

Mr Castillo was released from custody, but wasn't charged.

His lawyer said he is a "well liked and well known" in the area.

A still from footage circulated last week[/caption]

The man is asked to move on from an area of private property[/caption]

The cop's partner calls for backup[/caption]

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