The Sun : Morrisons is selling 1.5kg of sausages and burgers for £8

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IF you're planning a BBQ this weekend Morrisons has a juicy new deal to get your tastebuds going.

It's selling special BBQ packs where you get a mammoth 1.5kg of meat for £8, that's roughly 53p per 100g.

Morrisons is selling new BBQ packs in store for £8

The packs include eight Butcher's Beef Burgers and 12 of Morrisons' "The Best" pork sausages.

Morrisons' says the pack provides an overall saving of £3.20 on individual product prices but given the wait times to access its website we couldn't check this for ourselves.

You can get slightly more for your money at Sainsbury's though.

Here you can nab eight quarter pounder beef burgers (908g) for £5, while its 12-pack of butcher's choice pork chipolata sausages (340g) costs £1.50.

That's £6.50 in total – £1.50 less than what Morrisons charges and you're getting about 250g less meat, but it's cheaper per 100g at 52p.

In comparison, Asda's butcher selection pack of eight beef burgers (681g) costs £4, while its extra special 12 pork chipolatas (375g) cost £2.25.

That's £6.25 in total, which is £1.75 less than Morrisons but you get around 450g less meat and that's setting you back a pricier 59p per 100g.

We didn't compare prices at Tesco as it doesn't sell eight-packs of fresh burgers, but make sure you compare prices at the likes of Aldi and Lidl too to ensure you're getting good value for money.

If you decide the Morrisons deal is for you you'll need to head down to your nearest store as the packs aren't being sold online.

Use Morrisons' store locator tool to find your nearest shop.

Matt Slater, Morrisons meat buyer said: "We're really happy that rising temperatures mean we can bring the BBQ meat pack back. With the promise of great weather it'd be criminal not to get these on the grill."

To wash down your BBQ, Morrisons is selling four new liqueurs including raspberry ripple and strawberries and cream.

It also has a food box with 135 portions of fruit and veg for £22.

Plus a £45 10kg farmers food box with rib-eye steaks and Cumberland sausages.

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