The Sun : Pakistan plane crash – Incredible moment miracle baby is pulled ALIVE from crash rubble on live TV

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A MIRACLE baby has been pulled out alive from a plane crash impact area in Pakistan on live TV. 

The baby emerged wriggling in the arms of an emergency aid worker behind a reporter who was covering the crash which has killed at least 38 people in Karachi.

The baby was buried under rubble caused by the impact of the crash[/caption]

AP:Associated Press
The aircraft reportedly circled the airport two or three times before plummeting[/caption]

The baby, from a family in the community, was buried under rubble from the plane which was carrying 99 passengers and eight crew members.

At least two other survivors are now confirmed to have escaped the disaster.

And a third may also have managed to escape with their life, according to Sky News.

One of the confirmed survivors was Zafar Masood, president of the Bank of Punjab, the Sindh provincial government said.

The bank said he had suffered some fractures but was "conscious and responding well".

Footage showed a man believed to be Masoud, who was in seat 1C, being pulled from the wreckage as it was engulfed by flames, Sky reports.

A total of 17 dead and six wounded people have been brought to the nearby Jinnah Hospital.


According to witnesses, the aircraft circled the airport two or three times before plummeting into the residential area and destroying several buildings at 2.45pm local time today.

The pilot made one aborted landing attempt before reporting a technical problem, according to local media reports.

Moments before the crash, the desperate pilot contacted air traffic control saying: "We have lost two engines. Mayday, mayday, mayday. It's serious."

One senior civil aviation official said it appeared the plane had been unable to lower its wheels for landing due to a technical fault, but it was too early to determine the cause.

Pictures emerging from the scene show bodies being carried away from the wreckage by emergency workers.

The civil aviation authority said eight staff and 99 passengers were on the Airbus A320.

Pakistani model Zara Abid, who has nearly 80,000 Instagram followers, is believed to be one of the victims on the doomed aircraft.

It has been reported that the social media star is missing and that her parents are desperately trying to contact her.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted: "Shocked & saddened by the PIA crash. . . Immediate inquiry will be instituted.

"Prayers & condolences go to families of the deceased."

AFP or licensors
Smoking wreckage from the crash is seen in the packed residential area of Model Colony, Pakistan[/caption]

AFP or licensors
Emergency workers try to put out the crash fire with water as bodies are carried away[/caption]

AFP or licensors
Emergency workers carry a body away from the wreckage[/caption]

AFP or licensors
Emergency officials work to put out the pockets of fire in the plane's twisted steel[/caption]

The plane is pictured moments before it plunged into the packed residential area

Model Zara Abid is believed to be one of the crash victims[/caption]

Witnesses said the plane circled over the airport two or three times before crashing[/caption]

AFP or licensors
A man finds some wreckage on a rooftop in Model Colony[/caption]

A child, apparently injured when the jet crashed into the residential area, watches on with his father[/caption]

Model Colony is a busy residential area near the airport[/caption]

AP:Associated Press
Emergency workers carry another body away from the scene of the deadly crash[/caption]

AFP or licensors
Authorities sift through the smouldering wreckage searching for bodies[/caption]

A child is carried away from the crash scene which left several houses destroyed[/caption]

One of the plane doors is seen wrenched off lying on the ground

The jet belonged to national carrier Pakistan International Airlines[/caption]

Debris from the plane is shown smouldering on the street following the crash in Model Colony, Pakistan

Dozens of locals watch on as the rescue operation continues

A burnt out car is pictured at the scene of the horrific crash near Karachi Airport

File picture showing a PIA Airbus A320 – the same model which crashed today

Unverified pictures show the aftermath of the jet crash near Karachi Airport

More than 100 people who were on board the plane are feared dead

Locals watch as thick smoke billows from what appears to be the crash scene, in the unverified pics

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