The Sun : Stacey Solomon gives her hanging egg chair a summery makeover using fake flowers & ivy and it couldn’t be easier to copy

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STACEY Solomon revamped her hanging egg chair using fake flowers and trailing ivy and it's the perfect look for summer. 

The mum-of-three revealed she was giving the chair a makeover for her youngest son, Rex's, first birthday. 

Stacey, from Essex, explained all her children, including Zachary, 11, and seven-year-old Leighton, get a special chair on their big day.

Chatting in one of her Instagram stories, she said: "The boys always have a birthday chair.

"The big boys like the armchair but this is Rex's favourite chair so I'm just going to shove some flowers in it."

And even though she was decorating the chair for Rex, who she shares with Joe Swash, as he wouldn't go down for a nap Stacey said he was going to "decorate the egg with me". 

Stacey gave the chair a summery transformation for Rex's birthday

The 30-year-old sourced some faux vines and fake white flowers – including some with trailing petals – as she set about transforming the chair. 

Stacey's temporary makeover is perfect for revamping your own chair for summer, and it couldn't be easier to recreate. 

She said: "I really didn't do much just threaded some fake ivy through all the holes and then pushed some flowers through.

She used fake flowers and trailing ivy and threaded the stalks through the mesh for a temporary makeover

"I won't glue any of them in as they're just for his birthday so I'll take them off after and use them for crafts."

The egg chairs have soared in popularity over the past year, with Stacey's BFF Mrs hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, also owning one. 

Bargain stores like The Range and B&M sell their own versions, and they're perfect for relaxing in the garden in the warm weather. 

Stacey revamped her hanging egg chair as it's Rex's favourite seat

Admiring her handiwork, the Loose Woman panellist added: "It's hard to get a picture because it's so holey.

"It looks better in real life.

"I also need to buy some proper pillows for it one day." 

Stacey said it required minimal effort yet the results are incredible

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