The Sun : Surgeon charged with murdering his wife ‘abused her for months by strangling and cutting her with scissors’

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A SURGEON who was charged with murdering his wife allegedly abused her for months by "strangling and cutting her with scissors."

Ingolf Tuerk, 58, was arrested for allegedly killing his wife, Kathleen McLean, 45 — who was found dead over the weekend close to their home in Dover, Massachusetts, located about 20 miles outside of Boston.

Ingolf Tuerk, 58, and his wife Kathleen McLean, 45, are pictured here[/caption]

McLean was last seen on Thursday evening at her home in Dover, Massachusetts, located roughly 20 miles outside of Boston[/caption]

Tuerk, a urologist, was charged with murder in her death[/caption]

Court records have reportedly revealed that McLean had placed a restraining order against Tuerk, a former urologist at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center.

"She said she was afraid of Ingolf and did not know what he would do once she had filed for divorce," according to the report, obtained by the Boston Globe.

The news outlet reported that McLean had told family members and two police officer friends about the abuse "in case something happened to her."

Back in February, Tuerk had been facing charges that he repeatedly attacked his wife – including strangling her and cutting her with scissors, the Boston Globe reported.

McLean said her husband once allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and told her: "I'm the king of this castle… you are only a guest."

She called the incident "bizarre" when she confronted police.

According to the Dover police report, McLean said he proceeded to cut off a piece of her hair and cut her hand as she attempted to stop him.

In another incident, McLean alleged her husband threw her to the ground as they argued – prompting her shoes to be knocked off from the hard hit.

Tuerk was described as "angry and very controlling" by one of his wife's friends.

The person also claimed Tuerk "put a hand on her in the past."

Investigators didn't release a possible motive, but did call McLean's disappearance 'suspicious'[/caption]

McLean's body was found close to their home around 11pm on Saturday[/caption]

After McLean's death, a friend shared a post of hers online that read: 'I hope we are all having these moments through this pandemic. I have found such a deep gratitude for my children it's amazing.'[/caption]

Despite the restraining order, the couple had reportedly united and McLean wanted the order lifted.

In a May 2 court affidavit, she wrote: "I feel safe and would like to bring my family back together with my husband."

Authorities were investigating McLean's Thursday disappearance, described as "suspicious," and "developed information" regarding her whereabouts, the Boston Herald reported.

The woman's body was then found around 11pm on Saturday.

Tuerk, according to a Twitter profile that appears to be his, is a dad who was born in Germany and who describes himself as a "robotic surgeon, pats fan, biker."

Tuerk is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday "according to court protocols," as local courthouses are closed through June 1 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The surgeon is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday[/caption]

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