The Sun : Tycoon who abandoned ‘frozen in time’ mansion ‘lived life of mystery & had wads of cash lying around’, claims bro-in-law

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THE Greek owner of an abandoned mansion left frozen in time is a man of mystery who used to leave bundles of cash lying around, according to his family.

Tycoon Athanasios Tachmintzis, 70, enjoyed a millionaire's lifestyle from his "property" investments which meant they never saw him going out to work, his family claimed.

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A Bentley was left to rust on the driveway of the abandoned mansion in Hertfordshire[/caption]

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The ceiling in the kitchen had fallen in, although a dishwasher stacked with plates was still waiting to be unloaded[/caption]

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Rails of designer clothes stand in one of the rooms, and tycoon Athanasios Tachmintzis left without taking returned dry cleaning out of its bag[/caption]

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A telescope stands ready for use, but the house has been left for so long that a vine has started to grow through a window[/caption]

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In the bathroom, half-finished bottles of shampoo stand beside a Jacuzzi-style tub[/caption]

Property millionaire Athanasios Tachmintzis son Nicholas, pictured, also lived in the property

Do you know tycoon Athanasios Tachmintzis or his family? Email or call 02077824368.

His brother-in-law Gordon Meiklejohn said Mr Tachmintzis led such a mysterious life that he wasn't sure what he did for work – despite seeing wads of cash at his lavish home.

Mr Meiklejohn told The Sun Online he liked "big houses, flash cars and the smartest clothes" but claims it was "all for show".

He said Mr Tachmintzis, known as Thanos, would rent luxury cars to impress his family but would drive an "old banger" when he got home.

Pictures of his huge home near King's Langley, Herts, emerged on Monday showing the faded glory of the abandoned mansion left to rot after he seemingly left in a hurry.


Neighbours have wondered what caused Mr Tachmintzis to flee the house – leaving furniture, ornaments, designers clothes, a Bentley and even a game of chess on the table.

A watch stuck in time was seen on a bedside table, while designer clothes bearing the labels Yves St Laurent, Gucci and Louis Vuitton were stacked up on rails in a bedroom.

Mr Meiklejohn told The Sun Online: "I've known him for more than 40 years and he has always been the same.

"He's always liked the big houses, the flash cars and the smartest clothes – he's all show.

"The luxury Mercedes cars he drove were always hired to impress for a couple of days when he visited family.

He's always liked the big houses, the flash cars and the smartest clothes – he's all show.

Athanasios Tachmintzis

"But when he got back home he'd drive around in an old banger.

"Before he moved in to this house in King's Langley he lived in a much more impressive mansion near Bournemouth."

Mr Meiklejohn, a retired patent specialist now living in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales, said he first met Mr Tachmintzis in the late 1970s, shortly after he started dating the Greek businessman's sister-in-law Mandy Rees, as she was then named.

Mr Tachmintzis was living with wife Sharon and their young family in St John's Wood, North London, in a council flat.


Mr Meiklejohn added: "One night they asked if we could babysit for their young children. It was the first time I met them but Thanos wasn't very chatty.

"He never was. They weren't spending an evening together as a couple though, Sharon was seeing her friends and he was off out God knows where.

"That night, one of their sons had colic and Mandy asked me if I'd mind going into the boy's bedroom and comforting him because he was in a lot of pain.

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The home, which is in Hertfordshire, is believed to have been deserted in 2016[/caption]

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An urban explorer who took the eerie photographs says it's one of the best-preserved finds he's made[/caption]

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But there are few clues as to what happened to its previous owners, or why they left so suddenly[/caption]

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Land Registry documents suggest the property is registered to a Dorset-based company[/caption]

"So I went into the bedroom and there on the mantelpiece was more money than I'd ever seen in my life. There were tens of thousands of banknotes piled up.

"They were mainly £10 notes and they were piled high, almost to the ceiling.

"If you asked him what he did for a living he'd always mumble that he was in property but I never saw him to do a day's work in his life.

"I was aware his father, who had an admin job at the Greek Embassy, had a few properties around North London and I think it's possible Thanos was involved there.

"But he certainly didn't have a property business in the conventional sense and he never seemed to go to an office to work.

"I visited The house in King's Langley with Mandy a couple of times years ago, not long after he'd moved in after his time in Bournemouth.

There were tens of thousands of banknotes piled up. They were mainly £10 notes and they were piled high, almost to the ceiling.

"Well, this property looked impressive from the outside, but inside it was very ordinary – cheap furniture and fixtures and fittings that were very basic.

"I had no time for him but because he was family I'd always do my best to get along with him.

"He'd always tell you 'I'm a bit short of cash at the moment'.

"After Sharon's funeral we all went back to the house at King's Langley. The hospitality he laid on was typical Thanos.

"There were about 20 or so of us there, some of whom had travelled long distances, and all he could muster for us were a few crusty sandwiches that seemed to be several days old and a couple of bottles of cheap white wine."

Mr Meiklejohn said that throughout her marriage to the Greek, Sharon "would never hear a bad word about him."

He said: "Her head was completely turned by him."

When his own wife Mandy died, the property tycoon "did not bother" to attend her funeral, Mr Meiklejohn said.

He added: "He made some excuse about being busy but I knew he just wasn't interested and I've had no reason to see him since. The last I heard he was living in London."

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Soap was left above a sink in one of the bathrooms[/caption]

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Inside the home, a piano waits to be played, with sheet music open for a musician[/caption]

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A game of snooker remains unplayed[/caption]

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The beautiful property must once have been the owner's pride and joy[/caption]

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China and crockery have been laid on a table in the abandoned property[/caption]

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