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DIRTY JOHN is a drama series that has viewers obsessed – the first series looked at the lead up to the murder of John Meehan.

Here's a recap of what happened in the first season which can be streamed on Netflix.

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Dirty John has a second series coming[/caption]

What happened in Dirty John season 1?

The Dirty John series starts with new romance as wealthy interior designer Debra Newell meets a doctor called John Meehan – they then quicky get married.

Debra's two daughters Jacquelyn and Terra sense something's awry.

Soon John's criminal past comes to light and we start to see flashbacks of John's history.

After trouble between the newlywed couple, they get back on track as John promises to get clean from drugs and leave his past behind – this is just one instance of many that shows how John manipulated the women in his life.

John even attempted to abduct one of Debra's daughters.

In a dramatic finale Debra murders John by stabbing him 13 times after realising what he's done to her and her family.

The plot is inspired by a true crime story.

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Despite the main character's death, the story will continue[/caption]

What will happen in season 2?

The second season will have a new cast and characters, telling entirely new stories.

Also running at 8 episodes, this time the true crime story will be the murder of Dan Broderick and his second wife, Linda at the hands of his ex, Betty.

Dan and Betty were married until Dan took an interest in his assistant, Linda.

Their divorce was long and messy, and the series looks at what happens afterwards when Betty becomes increasingly obsessed and obsessed with Dan's new marriage.

When does Dirty John season 2 start on USA Network?

Dirty John: The Story of Betty Broderick will air on the USA Network on June 2 at 9pm.

The first season was on Bravo, but it's now moved to the USA Network.

This second season will dramatise what Oprah Winfrey called "one of America's messiest divorces".

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