The Sun : 13 Reasons Why fans rage as beloved Netflix character killed off in harrowing AIDS twist

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FANS of 13 Reasons Why were not happy after finishing the fourth and final series of the Netflix drama after one of the show's beloved characters was killed off.

Season four landed on the streaming service just days ago, but viewers have already binged it – and were left fuming after watching the final episode.

Fans have been binging season four of 13 Reasons Why

In fact, fans of the controversial teen drama were so annoyed that they took to Twitter to vent their frustration after Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) dies.

The final season of the Netflix show began with a flash-forward to a funeral which left viewers guessing which character would die.

And it turned out to be Justin, who, despite recovering from a heroin addiction, dies after contracting HIV, which develops into AIDS.

Viewers were not happy with the decision to kill off a particular character

Taking to social media, one person wrote: "Sorry if this is a #spoiler BUT I find it really gross 13 reasons why killed it ****** the way they did. As I believe the only gay actor in the series, killing his character via AIDS had to be bothersome and potentially traumatic."

Another person tweeted: "Dear @13ReasonsWhy: Your HIV/AIDS story line with Justin, the ONE character with a truly redeemable arc on this show, would have been a great opportunity to show HIV/AIDS isn't a death sentence in the 21st century."

A third fan added: "If anything Justin Foley from '13 Reasons Why' deserved SO MUCH MORE."

While a fourth said: "Justin deserved so much better, he deserved to go to college, he deserved to get married and have children. He deserved it all! Why'd he have to die?!"

As well as frustration, fans of the show were also left in floods of tears as they tuned in to the final ever season.

Justin has suffered with drug addiction throughout the show

And before the series had even dropped, fans were convinced Justin would be killed due to a drug overdose.

The troubled teen has suffered with drug addiction throughout the show and things prove to be too much for him to handle in the drama's fourth and final season.


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