The Sun : Hotel boss bans overweight guests after one man ‘broke the bed’ and warns chairs and bathrooms ‘aren’t suitable’

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A HOTEL owner in Germany has been slammed after she banned overweight guests from her hotels.

Angelika Hargesheimer, who owns the Beachhotel Sahlenburg resort in Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, wrote on her website that anyone who weighs more than 20 stone should not stay at the hotel.

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A hotel in Germany has banned overweight guests from staying[/caption]

The disclaimer on the website reads: "For reasons of liability, we would like to point out that the interior is not suitable for people with a bodyweight of more than 130 kilograms."

Ms Hargesheimer told local media that her reasoning comes from fears that overweight guests will damage her "classic" furniture, adding that she wants to have a "designer hotel" so did not want sturdier furniture.

She says the disclaimer is not discriminatory and was introduced after she was sued by an overweight guest whose bed collapsed when he was sleeping.

The man reportedly sued for damages and the case was settled out of court.

Ms Hargesheimer said other overweight guests had struggled to get into the showers or complained of being uncomfortable on the chairs in the breakfast area.

Central European News
The Beachhotel Sahlenburg resort advises anyone over 20 stone not to stay[/caption]
Central European News
The restrictions do not violate any laws, according to authorities[/caption]

She said she wants guests to enjoy their stay and anti-discrimination experts say the policy does not appear to violate any rules.

Sebastian Bickerich from the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency told local newspaper Bild: "Only if an overweight person reaches the threshold of a disability does protection against discrimination exist.

"Therefore, it should be difficult for those affected to take legal action against provisions such as in the hotel you described, with reference to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)."

Natalie Rosenke from the Society Against Weight Discrimination called for legislation to be brought in to protect overweight people, telling Bild: "Legal protection against weight discrimination is overdue!"

Friedrich Schorb of the University of Bremen, who is researching weight discrimination, added that while the hotel's policy did not break regulations, it was "humiliating" and promoted the "isolation of obese people".

Sun Online Travel has contacted the hotel for additional comment.

A hotel on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas is the world's only custom-built hotel for plus-sized people.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Ami, 28, said: "I could jump in the pool and not worry about how big a splash I made.

"Or I could lie on a sun lounger which was made from strong ­Brazilian wood, so I didn't have to worry about breaking it.

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