The Sun : Most memorable soap pub landlords from EastEnders’ Dirty Den to Bet Lynch in Corrie – and a few you’ve forgotten

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THE Queen Vic is set to become a Mitchell manor once more in EastEnders.

As Mick and Linda reluctantly prepare to sell the pub to Phil to save Linda from herself and her alcoholism, so let's take a look at the greatest landlords and ladies in all of soapland.

Den and Angie Watts

Angie and Den were EastEnders' first landlords of the Vic[/caption]

Dirty Den (Leslie Grantham) and his feisty wife Angie (Anita Dobson) were the original

Queen Vic duo, weathering womanising (his), alcoholism (hers) and that legendary shooting (his) before calling time on their pub career.

Bet Lynch

Bet spent decades behind the bar of the Rovers[/caption]

High of hair and big of earring, Julie Goodyear's queen of the taps spent 25 years working at the Rovers Return. The brassy landlady had more drama than the average punter had hotpots and was trapped upstairs when the pub caught fire, but Kevin Webster saved her.

Peggy Mitchell

Peggy was the most famous of the Queen Vic queens[/caption]

"Get outta my pub." Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) coined the phrase which made her the undisputed Queen of the Vic.

During her time behind the bar she was involved in a love triangle when Frank cheated on her with Pat, but she wasted no time slapping the pair of them.

The Carters

Mick and Linda are soon leaving the pub behind[/caption]

Linda (Kellie Bright) is the flamingo-loving matriarch with a steely core and Mick (Danny Dyer) is the loud, brash daddy of the manor who's not averse to wearing a pink fluffy dressing gown.

The Carters and their unruly brood caused a stir from the moment they arrived at the Queen Vic in 2013 and have survived Linda's rape by Dean Wicks, Mick's affair with Whitney and the bombshell that Shirley was his mum, not his sister.

Pat and Frank Butcher

Pat and Frank had some memorable moments in the boozer[/caption]

Who could forget that time Frank (Mike Reid) wore a spinning bow tie and very little else?

Now that image is cemented in your mind, cast it back to the glory days when he and Paaaaat (Pam St Clement) ran the Vic. Their love affair was on and off more times than the ploughman's, but, like Pat's earrings, they remain an iconic duo.

Chas and Charity

Rex Features
The cousins now own the Woolpack[/caption]

The Dingle duo (played by Lucy Pargeter and Emma Atkins) preside over The Woolpack, Emmerdale's pub that's been hit by a plane crash, lightning and that time Chas stabbed Diane in the back room.

In true soap style, Chas even gave birth in the pub toilets.

Annie Walker

Granada Television
Annie Walker was Corrie's first pub queen[/caption]

Jack and Annie Walker ran the pub when Coronation Street began back in 1960.

It was Annie (Doris Speed) who stole the show with Hyacinth Bucket-esque ways and searing put-downs towards customers who didn't meet her approval.

Kat and Alfie

The Moons briefly ran the Queen Vic[/caption]

It was boom time at the Vic when the Moons took over the Vic, then owned by Phil, in 2010.

While cheeky Cockney Alfie (Shane Richie) charmed and scammed, Kat (Jessie Wallace) used a winning combo of cleavage and cackle to pull in the punters.

Liz McDonald

Rex Features
Liz belongs behind the Rovers' bar[/caption]

Liz (Beverley Callard) followed the blueprint of great soap landladies: she dressed up and showed up behind the bar of The Rovers, while dealing with husband Jim's abuse, her feud with her daughter-in-law Karen (Suranne Jones) and her shrinking skirts.

Amos Brearly

Amos was the first Emmerdale pub landlord[/caption]

Emmerdale's legendary landlord ran The Woolpack for nearly 20 years, with his bushy chops and rod of iron. Amos (Ronald Magill) wasn't big on laughs and banter, but he sure knew all the Hotten gossip.

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